The founder of the Lukla-Chaurikharka Association celebrates his 90th birthday

25 août 2019

Denis Bertholet marked his 90 years of age a few months in advance in the company of his family and his friends, together with members of the Lukla-Chaurikharka Association ! Several Sherpas expressed the wish to participate in this event ; since they take advantage of the rainy season to travel, the month of August suited them perfectly.

Together with Appa Sherpa, our correspondant in Nepal since the start of school construction (in 1984), his son and all the Reconstruction Committee of Chaurikharka School, their testimonials were most touching.

The relevant Nepalese Minister addressed a letter of recognition to Denis for his help in favour of development. The Deputy Mayor of the Everest Region, Tashi Sherpa, was in attendance in order to hand him this very important message of recognition by the whole population for the commitment of Denis and of Luklass association to education in Nepal.

This sunny day at Eison, at the Pas de Lona guest house, will remain engraved in our souvenirs for the excellent reception, the happiness and the conviviality.

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