Project Description

Access to sanitation

Access to sanitation is problematic in Nepal. In the Khumbu area, the population uses open pits or latrines that flush waste into the streets or nearby fields.

Luklass has just finished building toilets at the school in Lukla. The new toilets were inaugurated in September 2016. Finally, boys and girls have separate toilets. Every child is responsible for keeping the facilities clean and tidy, in collaboration with Passang Lhamu, administrative director of Lukla Hospital.

Toilet facilities will also be provided at the school in Chaurikharka during the reconstruction process.

Himalaya Club, a local committee of former pupils of our schools, has provided water reservoirs on the outskirts of Lukla, bringing water to every home for domestic consumption and to water hydrants in the village streets.

Through these actions and education, the pupils – and consequently their parents, learn the importance of hygiene and preservation of the environment.

Luklass is intending to study a system for the disposal and treatment of sewage.

Toilet facilities

Sewage system for Lukla village:
the area still does not have a sewage system. A feasibility study is to be launched in 2018.


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