An apprenticeship leading to the heights

Octobre 2019

Mission accomplished for the apprentices of Connect Academy, the training sector of Groupe E Connect! Accompanied by an instructor and members of Luklass Association, Ludivine, Alexis, Samuel, Simon D., Simon M., Johann and Léo brought electricity to Chaurikharka School, newly reconstructed after the earthquakes in 2015.

Their mission consisted of equipping the buildings with electricity, lighting, sockets, internet access, data processing, without forgetting the 90 solar panels to be fixed on the roofs of the school. With the support of their instructors, the apprentices were in charge of planning the project, reconnaissance on site, ordering and testing the equipment, and finally its installation.

In Nepal, even though the equipment kept them waiting for a few days, these young professionals in the energy business lived a couple of memorable weeks, rich in experience and exchanges with the local population, and added a reference to their curriculum vitae of which they can be proud!

A big “thank you” to Christian Aebischer, to Luklass Association, to the instructors of Groupe E Connect and to the partners of the project for their confidence and support.

The diary of the apprentices at Chaurikharka :

Text : Yves-Laurent Blanc

Credit for group photos taken at Matran : Stephane Schmutz

Credit for photos taken in Nepal : Chaurikharka Team

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