10th anniversary of Luklass

26 August 2018

The Lukla-Chaurikharka Association celebrated its 10th anniversary on 26 August 2018 in a relaxed atmosphere at the Raclett’house in Bruson, attended by around 100 members of the association and its Honorary President, Denis Bertholet.
An important delegation from Nepal was in attendance, including the Mayor of Lukla, Mr. Nim Dorje Sherpa, and the international coordinator for the reconstruction of Chaurikharka school, Mr. Lakpa Thering Sherpa. We were also delighted to welcome Nicole Niquille, Marco and friends from Lukla Hospital.
The President of Bagnes, Mr. Eloi Rossier, extended a warm welcome to his counterpart from Lukla and congratulated the Lukla-Chaurikharka Association for its work. The Council of Bagnes made a donation of CHF 5,000.
We are most grateful to all those who encourage us in various ways in our efforts to support education and stable development in this region of Nepal.


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